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The Filipino Community, Inc.

The Filipino Community, Inc. proudly presents:

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The Beginnning

Philippine Traditional Garments
2007 JDHS Show Time

Filipino Community IncThe Aliptaptap Philippine Folkloric Group (APFG or Alitaptap) was named after a soft-bodied nocturnal beetle of the Lampyridae family called alitaptap (firefly). Alitaptap has a light-producing organ that produces beautiful flickering lights at the rear of the abdomen as they surround a tree during the wee hours of the night. APFG is compared to a flock of fireflies dancing beautifully and joyfully around that tree.

During the presidential term of Morris I. Carrillo and vice Jenny G. Strickler, who both genuinely supported our cultural heritage, the Filipino Community, Inc. (FCI) celebrated its centennial called the Manila Square Dedication on June 21, 2003. On that day the Juneau community and tourist witnessed an array of Filipino folk dance and music galore under the leadership and founder Ellery Lumbab with Nic Jardin, who now lives in Anchorage, Alaska. That day marked the birth of the Alitaptap and has since been a paragon of the proud Filipino Heritage.

The Alitaptap has nurtured eight successful years of young and adult community dance enthusiasts and now boats an active membership of over 50 dancers of different age groups.

Our Mission
The mission of Alitaptap is to keep alive the Philippine culture and heritage by enhancing the understanding and appreciation of our rich and diverse cultural heritage; by introducing and presenting Philippine folk dances, music, songs, and costumes: to strive to perfect abilities and excellence in performing arts.

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